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15 May 2019

EMHC Fly-In photos - Part 1.
Eynsford Model Helicopter Club

EMHC held the May Fly-In day last Sunday at their own airfield in Eynsford, right next to London. The event was great and also the weather, therefore a nice number of pilots attended and enjoyed it. This is one of the nicest RC helicopter airfield in the United Kingdom with an amazing panorama to Canary Wharf in London

EMHC Fly-In photos - Part 1.
Photos: Zsuzsanna Bogdan

Alan Matuszczyk-Robinson, Andy O'Leary and EMHC guys made everything to provide good mood and really nice day to all pilots. When we arrived there were at least 25-30 cars already, and this number was more or less the same throughout the day. If you missed it, EMHC will repeat it in August.

We have taken incredible amount of photos, about 150 selected to publish. This is the first chunk with 54 pictures.

EMHC Fly-In photos - Part 1.