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22 April 2019

SAB Goblin Kraken by Sebastiano Gabutti
The Italian master drives the maximum

Sebastiano Gabutti is flying the SAB Goblin Kraken in this video. There are quite few breath taking moments, which is not surprising if you know, who is Sebastiano. A video by Enrico Bernabei from SAB at SAB heli field.

Sebastiano Gabutti is one of the 3D Masters generation pilots. He was flying at 3D Masters - the famous competition of RC Helicopter sport - in masters category, making an amazing 16th place in 2011. Yes, the hobby was quite different at that time. Just being among the masters was a big glory, but even the expert category was similar. At that time being the last in any category meant that the pilot was the 30th best of the category in the world. This is what nowadays pilots, like Lukas Bißlich want to bring back: #MakeGlobal3DGreatAgain.

If you go back to 2011, there are amazing names on the list and only few of them are still flying, like Kyle Dahl, Duncan Osbourn, Eric Weber, Nick Maxwell. Sebastiano finished one place before the well known Curtis Youngblood. What names on that list...