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16 March 2019

Nick Maxwell at Las Vegas Fun Fly
Team Futaba pilot demonstrates CGY760 in action

Nick Maxwell, the pilot of Team Futaba is flying in this video of Robert Parker at Las Vegas Fun Fly. What's the story behind it? Read it below...

As Robert Parker - publisher of this video - has written:

Did you see or hear any thing that needed to be adjusted half way threw the flight? Neither Did I..

That's how good this Team Futaba Pilot Nick Maxwell is. Come out to a FunFly & watch this man fly. Mr. Nick Maxwell is Super friendly and approachable, I saw him help several people without hesitation, and it's not rushed, Nick Maxwell doesn't give you an answer at the table and then let you figure it out, nope. I saw it, (because I had a question about my futaba CGY750 Gyro & my 8FG radio, I needed answered) :0)~

Standing Nearby and this is what I heard :

"You Understand ?"

Nick Answering the Question of an Older Man. Older Man "uhhh" Nick Maxwell

"Grab your heli and some batteries!"

That Older Man's heli was Setup, and yes my Question was Answered. HE IS a Great ambassador to the entire hobby. Awesome Flight !!

Futaba CGY760 Gyro is Flawless!