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07 June 2018

Tareq flies SAB Goblin Kraken prototype
First video is online

Tareq Alsaadi tests the Goblin Kraken protoype. As we know so far, the helicopter will be available by end of this year. It's a really strong, agile heli. And if Tareq thinks it's impossible to break it, it's certain, it cannot break at all.

He also posted underneath the video:

This helicopter still the first prototype and not yet finish and maybe it will be ready end of 2018 as SAB company announced , the helicopter is crazy strong and accurate on the air , no way to break it if you assemble it right , it is full new helicopter , SAB will take enough time to test this helicopter more and more to make it perfect for all users , its fully different mechanical and some new ideas on it , the team of SAB always looking for the future and new ideas , thanks to Stefano and Enrico for what they do in our hobby and thanks SAB company , this test was 3rd May 2018.

We can't wait to know more about it.