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01 June 2018

SAB Goblin 500

A great helicopter of the Italian SAB Goblin series. The Sport edition can be listed as a "cheaper" one whilst it's free of all compromises. Based on its flying capabilities it can be a beginner helicopter as well. However even the Combo kit doesn't contain everything, owners have to decide about some questions.

SAB Goblin 500
  • SAB
  • 1010 mm
  • 165 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 1136 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 1880 g
  • 6S1P 3300 mAh 30-40C
  • 6S1P 4400 mAh 20-30C
  • Depend on configuration

The helicopter is available in different colour combinations and equipment variations. Cheapest version (without blades and any electronics) is under $500 only, whilst its combo kit (which contains everything except FBL device and the usual missing components) consts almost $900 in the U.S. shops. European prices are vary, but the level is about the same.

The helicopter represents the clean design of Goblin. There are two different landing skids available, one is a bit more sporty, the other one is the classical full landing skid. Both the motor and the main gear and the main gear and the tail are connected by belts, which result lower mechanical noise. However the ideal RPM is really high, the maximum is 2850 RPM. There are at least 6 different motors recommended by the factory, that's why the motor pulley depends on these motors. If this wasn't enough the situation is even more complicated due to different ESCs listed, so it is not a typical "Can be bought and it's done" heli. And - of course - it arrives as a kit to be assembled. The manual is clear and well understood.

This helicopter is quite fast and responds sensitive to inputs by default settings, which can be refined by changed settings. But it tolerates even stronger winds well thanks to the high RPM and ideal mass. When the settings are ideal, it's even applicable as a learning model. Due to its one battery pack configuration flights are cheap, but when it crashes that can cost much.

Recommended to beginners

What more, it definitely good for that. It's stable, reliable helicopter. It's not too terrifying for beginner pilots because of its size. It is a con, purchasing is a whole task, it's not that easy to choose optional aor missing components. Higher prices of spare parts can be a problem as well for newbies.

In addition: more experienced pilots can use it as a training helicopter.

Full manual in PDF format.
Addition: How to install servos, motor, ESC

SAB Goblin 500

  • SAB Goblin 500 Sport
  • Dimensions
  • Mainframe
  • HPS Head System
  • Dampened tail system
  • Durable tail tube
  • CNC metal main gear
  • Main plate and servo support
  • Swashplate
  • Landing skid
  • All bigger servo sizes are supported
  • Battery slot
  • Break away nylon screws