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07 September 2018

Little Tikes My First Flyer
Coaxial helicopter for little ones

This is also a helicopter however it's an extraordinary one. Because there's the question: "Okay, I fly, but what to give the kid?". Thanks to Little Tikes there's an answer even in the youngest ages: My First Flyer.

Little Tikes My First Flyer
  • Little Tikes
  • 103 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 184 mm
  • 50 g
  • 1S1P 150 mAh 10-15C
  • AA size batteries 6x

This helicopter is recommened in age of 4 and above, but even the 2-year-old children can get closer to rc helicopter flying with a little help. Its intelligent controlling system, nicely designed fuselage and technical solutions combined with a coaxial helicopter not dangerous to itself or to its environment either, and it gives toddlers the feeling of flying.

The heli itself is a coaxial, 2 channel helicopter in a closed fuselage. Rotorblades have got a safety frame, therefore the risk of hooking up or smashing is minimal. It's true a hit of blad can be painful, but blades are protected by their frames in most cases. It moves forward by the center of gravity placed to front, therefore no need to deal with it. The transmitter is also not complicated, it has got four buttons: taking off, landing, turning (to one direction) and an emergency stop. Altitude is controlled by an infrared sensor which detects all obstacles. It flies 60-80 cm above the ground and obstacles. 

Flight time is about 5-6 minutes, but it's not a good idea to fly longer, because an integrated 150 mAh 1S1P battery supplies the electricity, which doesn't like the over usage. Recharging happens from its transmitter via an integrated charger lead. It recharges fully in about 30-45 minutes. 6 AA batteries required for the transmitter, which can recharge the helicopter 4-5 times, so it makes sense to use rechargable AA batteries in the transmitter as well.

This helicopter is extremely light and uses infrared data communication, therefore it can be used outdoor in really good conditions only. Deadly calm air and shaded light conditions required otherwise wind will blow the machine away and the transmitter will not be able to transfer the signal to the helicopter because of the sunlight.

However nothing to worry about indoor. It will not break anything (except the really unfortunate situations - never happened to us), and it will not hurt the children or itself either if we kept some basic rules. As with all coaxial helis, do not let it suffer. when it collides to something, stop it by emergency stop. Otherwise this is required rarely, because the controller recognises these situations quite well and stops the helicopter. Same happens when the helicopter drops the altitude suddenly or turns unintentionally. Therefore when the little one flies and easier to reach the helicopter than the transmitter, just grab the heli it will shut in one-two seconds.

Surprisingly durable, tolerates a lot, crashes hardly due to the materials used. But when it breaks there's spare part not too likely, repairing can be sorted out very hardly. Motors are standard coaxial motors, more similar sized helis use the same. Battery is a simple one cell LiPo, similar size and weight battery should do. But the rotor parts and blades are unique. We try to get some info about spare parts from Little Tikes but we didn't find any solution so far. As far as fuselage and landing skid go, breaking can be imagined hardly, unless stepping on them.

Personal opinion

Perfect choice for little ones to introduce model helicopter flying. It can be learnt easily and quickly, it is a big hapiness for them with a minimal supervising. We recommend - as our son says - the HELI in age of 2 and above

Little Tikes My First Flyer