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08 June 2018

Mikado Logo 600 SX
Electric helicopter

The Logo 600 SX is one of the most successful helicopter of Mikado, it's available since 2010 without any major changes actually. What more, it can be declared this is one of the most successful helicopter in its category. Who has ever flown this heli, can't really tell anything bad about it

Mikado Logo 600 SX
  • Mikado Helicopter
  • 1250 mm
  • 210 mm
  • 360 mm
  • 1350 - 1450 mm
  • 600 - 620 mm
  • cca 3400 g
  • 5S1P 5000 mAh 20-30C
  • 6S1P 3300 mAh 20-30C

The type won Xtreme Flight Championship in 2010 and 2011, and it was on the podium at the famous 3D Masters 2011. This is a well designed helicopter with many solutions which make it successful.

The helicopter available in kits only, the motor included at most, any other electronics have to be aquired separate.

One of the biggest differences between this one and other models in the category is the main frame, which made of durable plastic making possible such formatting solutions which are impossible with carbon fiber frames. Thanks to this solution the 120° CCPM swashplate is controlled by servos in 120° symmetric arrangement, which don't require additional mount and don't increase the height of the helicopter unnecessarily.

Tail is driven by belt, its break is almost not possible. This was one of the first helicopters where the double battery pack has got its slot in the bottom of the aircraft. This could cause some really inconvenient moments, because little worn but bigger batteries were able to stuck in the frame after the flights, but this is unlikely nowadays due to the slightly re-designed main frame and better, smaller batteries. 

Its flying capabilities can be named flawless, although the wider frame causes a slightly blurred flight in harder manoeuvres, sudden forces are not handled as nice as the most recent narrow frame constructions.

However it's noticed the German precision and mindful design on its all components. With correct maintenance the helicopter is almost undemanding, not many parts have to be replaced often because of wearing out. The only weak point of it is the joint of landing skids, which can damage easily making required the full main frame replacement. It's common to use plastic screws to solve this problem.


It's not well recommended to beginners because of the 600 size, but this is just because of its terrifying dimensions. Flying capabilities would make it good for beginners as well. However the double pack battery configuration makes its operation costy. Two, minimum 5 cells packs are required to fly.

It's a great choice as a demo or competition and training helicopter and a smaller modell is recommended for daily practicing. Due to its batteries, it can be used well with a 500 size helicopter.


Mikado Logo 600 SX