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05 June 2018

Blade Fusion 480
Electric helicopter

A potentially good and interesting helicopter from Blade RC. Don't get confused of its number, because it's bigger than an average 500. We will return to this later. It follows the classical patterns from many points of view, but there are numerous interesting innovations from other aspects. At the end this is a remarkable aircraft.

Blade Fusion 480
  • Blade RC
  • 980 mm
  • 302 mm
  • 136 mm
  • 1095 mm
  • 480 mm
  • 232 mm
  • 85 mm
  • 6S1P 3700 mAh 30-40C
  • 6S1P 5000 mAh 20-30C

It arrives as a kit, which doesn't contain any electronics (even the motor is missing). Considering these things its price is surprisingly high. Explanation is that might be, this is a premium category helicopter,  beginners are not being targeted perhaps. The helicopter itself is the newest item of Fusion product line, which fits properly to previous 270.

Tail blades are driven by a 6 mm wide belt, which is powered with a CNC pulley on the main shaft. Belt tension is adjustable. The tail torque tube is 25mm wide, strengthened tube, which is not supported by extra rods, this is not required according to factory specification.


The tail control pitch arm operates by a carbon push rod. Landing skids made of carbon fiber as well. All standard size servos (which are not so typical at this helicopter size) get into the main frame - including the tail servo.

The heli has got a 120° CCPM flybarless rotor head. Length of the blades is 480 mm - the number 480 in its name is originated from here, and therefore the rotor diameter is 16 cm greather than at an average 500. This helicopter could be 550 by the previously known measuring system.

This kit can be assembled easily - in theory. Factory specification declares all components to be bought type by type - except motors - but these components can be different by personal preferences.

The spare part prices are in the middle range. It's available at Horizon Hobby in U.S. at the moment, it's not available in Europe so far, pre-order neither.

Our recommendation

There are still many question marks around this heli, therefore it's really difficult to tell who are targeted, but the prices and its dimensions plus based on the kit and components not included tell us: this is not a helicopter for newbies.

But it can be an ideal training or weekday helicopter next to a 700 or bigger model. This is assumed by the recommended battery pack as well which is 5000 mAh 6S1P.


Blade Fusion 480