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19 February 2023

Ramo and the custom built helicopters

Perhaps everybody knows Zsolt Ramocsa in Hungary among the local RC heli pilots. But even them don't know his story, and the path, how he started the hobby and finally how he ended up building his custom and extraordinary helicopters.

Ramo started flying exactly 25 years ago, and he has been building his extraordinary, custom built helicopters for twenty years this year. He had: tandem, coaxial and intermeshing helicopters. In addition, a cable camera project is also connected to him. In this video, you can learn about his story, the path of him in the hobby.

You can see how the first steps with a Schlüter Moskito helicopter turned into a Vertol or intermeshing models today. You can follow the stories of both successes and difficulties.

This video is recorded in Hungarian, but full subtitles can be turned on.