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26 January 2023

The guy who hates Loctite Red: Heli Shed

Please, meet the guy, who hates Loctite Red, creates outstanding videos, and has a bit weird connection to his helicopters. Learn more about his work on the YouTube channel; Heli Shed.

The guy who hates Loctite Red: Heli Shed

Mick is running the Heli Shed YouTube channel from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom mostly from a shed - sometimes at four o'clock in the morning. His channel not a perfect one, not the most professional one either, and the majority of the community would disagree with him quite few times - but, his channel is one of the funniest ones out there for sure. And it's not just funny, sort of informative as well.

Informative indeed, because it demonstrates the struggles of an average RC heli modeller from his point of view. No, he is not amateur, he is not a beginner, just he is not one of the "stick banger" pilots - we call them professionals - either. Nevertheless, he is flying nicely as a sportsman. 

However, his humour about the hobby, his approaches in the videos published by him make his videos outstanding in this hobby, because if something is missing from RC helicopter hobby, that is the genuine humour. This is it: a real British sarcasm and humour itself represented by Mick from Heli Shed.