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22 November 2019

RC helicopter for Christmas
Dos and don'ts - Page 3

When your heli fans have all stuff for flying helicopters, but you still want to buy something, which makes them happy, never forget that, "enough heli" is not an expression. One more is always good. Okay, but what to choose?

RC helicopter for Christmas
XLPower Protos 380

This is dangerous area, it is better to know the personal preferences, but if you choose the same brand just different model, you cannot make a big mistake. However these kits don't contain everything for the flying helicopter. There is the air frame and most likely the blades, but all electronics are missing. Never mind, they will be happy even so, just you will not see the helicopter flying prompt.

We would not advise you to purchase components, like servos, FBL, ESC or motor, except you are also an expert. Too many variations, too many options. Sometimes we don't know what to choose.

But let's see couple of kit options. We selected the not super expensive ones. Align owners can get the T-Rex 300X. The combo kit contains everything for the helicopter including the electronics, just the transmitter-receiver combo is missing. The ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) version contains even the transmitter, as it is detailed on the previous page, and not just beginners can fly it. 

SAB owners can be surprised with an SAB Goblin Fireball kit - any of them. What more, the brand new Goblin Buddy 380 is an ideal gift, although it's a bit pricey, as it costs 360 pounds (390 USD). XLPower owners will be happy with a new Protos 380 or Protos 480 kit (£200 or £430), the 480 will include the motor as well. GAUI offers the GAUI X3, which also a good choice. OXY lovers would get an Oxy 2 or Oxy 3 kit from us, both cost below 200 pounds, although the Oxy 3 is less than 200 in basic configuration only which does not have the blades either.

Cheap Christmas gifts for RC helicopter owners

If you don't want or you can't spend too much, but still you will give something useful, here are the ideas for you. 

Tools, like allen screwdrivers are useful always. Unfortunately they wear out after a while, a new set is good to have. Quality is important, choose the Align Hex screwdrivers kit. Also a good idea a repairing towel, even the most expensive one is 10 pounds only.

Shopping guideline

This is the summary of the Christmas RC helicopter shopping

  • Never buy RC helicopters and accessories in gadget shops, be careful with online shopping: ignore Banggood and the similar marketplaces
  • Ask for advice at an RC helicopter retailer
  • Check the favourite brands of your beloved ones
  • Cheap is expensive
  • Simulator comes first
  • RC Helicopters not toys
Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Merry Christmas.