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16 November 2019

How to set up the Futaba CGY760R
Showcase on a T18SZ transmitter

Hamish Scott has created a very detailed and nice video mini series about the setting up a CGY760R flybarless system with a Futaba T18SZ transmitter. The mini series is 2 episodes long.

The first episode below presents how to prepare the transmitter for the CGY760R FBL system. The video was recorded with a Futaba T18SZ transmitter, but Hamish explains everything, so everybody can prepare any Futaba transmitters with an average understanding on the transmitter owned. This video is about 9 minutes long, but it is not boring at all.

The second episode is about the CGY760R itself and its programming. You will need a Futaba transmitter prepared by the previous episode above, a helicopter fully equipped with servos and electronics, of course, a Futaba CGY760R and a Futaba GPB-1 programming box. This episode is 13 minutes long, and explains everything you have to know. The helicopter itself is an XLPower Protos 380, but the video is clear enough to follow these steps with another helicopter.

In the just published 3rd episode: how to configure the CGY760R through wireless connection. A well detailed video again from Hamish Scott about this feature as well.

Have you got any questions or problems? Just contact @hamishscottheli on Facebook.

And in the photo gallery: there are few very nice pictures about the transmitter and the CGY760R FBL on an XLPower Specter 700 as well.

How to set up the Futaba CGY760R