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28 June 2019

Beyond the motors

Egodrift: a company which was unknown in RC helicopter industry before 2018. The company breaking in, and taking the leadership of motor market. A company represented at all major event in the hobby. It is minimum interesting or even more. What's the secret? What's the company beyond the motors?


If you expect that, this is going to be a typical dry, data-listing write up about Egodrift, than you are wrong. And my aim is not a typical PR-like article either. Nobody asked me to promote this brand. But I think I understand the message delivered by the family of Egodrift. Yes, this is not a "let's make as much profit, as we can" business. Egodrift is a caring family, spiced up with Chinese traditions and moral, topped with European approaches, based on Asian diligence and Japanese perfectionism. And the final taste is something different from the appearance of other companies in our hobby.

It is a fact: Egodrift manufactures really good motors. Are they the bests? The answer is yes for many of us. Others say no. But it is undisputable, the quality of the motors produced by them is very high. Of course this is represented by the price tag as well. The quality demands investments, perfection demands enthusiasm, finding the best ways require time. And time is money. As far as I know, Egodrift is the only Chinese (Hong Kong) company which manufactures everything with Japanese CNC machinery. They are unable to produce low quality, even so they want. But these machines, their operation is really costly. Optimisation is a key question to get the best available performance. However this does not mean the maximum possible volume of products produced. Quality takes the priority at Egodrift.

Let me explain this with an absolutely far example. Did you know that, the Danish Lego produces 6 pieces of Duplo bricks in one go? A Chinese copycat company produces 28 on a similar machine. Why does not the Lego do the same? Because of the quality. All bricks have to be the same. Exactly the same. If they produce more, the pressure of the liquid plastic due to the much bigger surface can get unbalanced. And Lego does not take that risk. However operating the machine, paying employee are all time based regarding to the costs. And this is the difference appearing in the prices of these products - on top of innovations, brand and many more. This is the pattern followed by Egodrift as well - perhaps even Egodrift doesn't know that.

Designers spend months to create a new motor. First iteration, second, third... until the motor gets perfect for the purpose. And this is displayed in the details of appearance - including the packaging- Egodrift produces these motors by ultimate engineering and ultimate art.

Seemingly the company comes from nowhere, as the helicopter motor series called Egodrift Tengu is about a year old. But in fact, the company were making industry and military aircraft motors, then as Egodrift they started to manufacture FPV racing drone motors mostly until Tengu times. 17 years experience collected up made them able to make good motors for helicopters under other brand names before. It is not an accident when you see a motor with the logo of the helicopter manufacturer, which looks similar to a Tengu motor. 

Yutao Zou is a passionate person, who can't accept quality compromises. I've heard about him, other motor factories try to convince him to produce their motors as well. If he agrees with the concept and the brand, Egodrift will produce the parts. But when he can't take the concept, the motor is not going to come from Egodrift belts, even so nothing will show that, "made by Egodrift". This is their principal.

Beyond the motors: the human

There is a big thing at this company. Sustainability is a trendy expression nowadays. Most of the companies use it, but there's nothing beyond the word apart from few well-sounding marketing phrases. But Egodrift is a caring family. They do care about each other. And they work together for.... no, not the profit. Profit maximization is not the way of Egodrift. What they get from you, the customer, goes back to the hobby directly or indirectly making a stable and sufficient way for long existence. The guys at Egodrift understand that if there is no hobby, no customer for their motors. If there is no customer to buy motors, there is no Egodrift. They know, if they want to get something, they must put a lot in it. This is a win-win combination. And this is why, Egodrift supports many other companies in this hobby, even so the name of the company is not displayed always. I know many-many stories, how Yutao or Vincent and Egodrift helped other companies. And not just with parts and products. Think of AccuRC: it is full of motors by Egodrift. Advertisement for Egodrift, making AccuRC richer in terms of the features provided, giving you the chance to test the product in simulated circumstances, as they are so accurate. You are the winner of this cooperation finally and the hobby which is kept alive.

I was lucky to have long conversations with Vincent Offenbeck recently. I know their goals: making something good, giving something to the people which help them to achieve the maximum possible. And keeping the hobby alive. Not just through the motors, they do care about their sponsored pilots, and finally but last: you all, when they sponsor events, fund competitions, give raffle awards. If you follow the events especially in Europe, the company is there everywhere. Their pilots, their motors, their flags, everything show their presence.

Egodrift is an emotional miracle

Absolutely personal story: Antonia (Toncsi), our daughter didn't know the brand Egodrift too much. She has nothing to do with kVs, amps, watts and celsiuses. She is a girl, she is a child, but she became Egodrift fanatic due to one reason: how she was/is treated by Egodrift guys. And opening that particular box up at Helifest, the box of Tengu 2520 was one in many things happening to her there.

Next evening, just after Helifest we were practicing in AccuRC - this is a team activity in our family - when she just landed her Havok heli suddenly and turned to me: "daddy, I wanna check what motor is in. If it is not Egodrift, I'm gonna replace it". Nobody even mentioned the words: motor or Egodrift.

Next evening, we were recording a new video about opening a new heli kit box. Brand is not important. When we create a video, we talk about the details always. She is still young, I have to help her with technical details. I was gonna collect up, what else is required for that kit to finish the model and to make it flying. One missing thing is the MOTOR. She just replied: "Daddy, can we have an Egodrift motor in it?".

Something happened at Helifest in the tent of Egodrift. I still don't know, what, but it happened there. A 9-year-old girl recognised a company, a family there. Not the quality product which part of the big picture, not the nice packaging, instead the feeling and the emotions delivered by Egodrift got recognised there.

And how and why does this work? Also sensitive and private story about four guys at three different places of the planet at the same time. I was about to finish the video of Tengu 2520 box opening. I needed a quality logo image for that video, so I messaged Vincent. The time was just before midnight in London. The time was half past midnight in Austria. He replied to me and sent me even better in one minute. Then we began to chat about the hobby, people in general within the hobby, enthusiasm, dedication, loyalty, why we love this and so on. All "useless" things.

And he sent me something: "You know what's Egodrift?" He sent me a picture taken half hour earlier about a guy and his father in Thailand. The guy is one of the best pilots of this planet. His father a real father supporting his son, even so it is difficult and really tiring. Time was around 5 AM there when the picture was taken. This guy is humble and modest in any manner, although he could have plenty of reasons to be selfish, snobbish and pompous after his abilities and knowledge. His father could be the same. But they were going out to fly in the early morning because the "normal life" requires commitments afterwards.

This young guy is practicing for Global 3D, putting the maximum possible in. The father sent the message and the picture to Vincent. Not because he wanted to demonstrate that they are working for the sponsorship, no, he sent this picture to show, "we are working for the goal of us all": to present on the best possible way what you, the product and we can perform together on the maximum. "Success is love, tears, dedication and hard work" replied Vincent. "Ich liebe dich" messaged by the father in German from Thailand.

And I witnessed it, the caring about each other. At this time Vincent was still working in his office. I was working on the content, Kan Poonnoi and his father Nanong were working on the performance to be presented at Global 3D. Crazy times for all of us in different time zones. But we listened each other. "You know what's Egodrift? it is not a brand. It is a family and revolution... #Egofamily". And indeed, I realised that at the moment I sensed earlier: the essence of Egodrift, why it is working. Because they - the Egodrift family members - do care of each other and the community we live in.