Ivan Adams
22 March 2019

Cyclone 695 and 715
Rotorblade test

When it comes to blades I'm always up for trying out new and old brands, as blades play such a big part in your models performance. I feel it's something that's often over looked by many pilots.

Cyclone 695 and 715
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In my current collection I have Radix, Align, Rotor Tech, Cyclone and Torsion. The Cyclones have been a blade I've wanted to try for some time now so I got my hands on a set of 695's and I wasn't disappointed. Right away you got to appreciate the design and engineering that goes into making them. Much like the popular Vtx the cyclones start out fairly narrow at the root and get progressively wider towards the tip. The tips are swept back to help eliminate the vortex (dirty air) allowing the following blade to travel through less turbulent air.

Ivan Adams / filmed by Gabor Szalontay

Upon my initial flight test I found them to be quiet and they tracked really well with no bad tendencies. You can also feel the slight increase in lift due to the wider tips. They are by no means a docile blade but have a very linear control feel during flips and rolls etc. The stopping power is very good and the acceleration from stops is responsive. One of my favourite aspects of flying is autorotations and the cyclones do them well, they hold headspeed well and you have more than enough headroom at the bottom to safely land the model.

As far as blades go they high up on my list and if you can get yourself a set to try out. I doubt you would be disappointed.

Ivan Adams,
hely-shop.co.uk and 360rc technologies team pilot

Cyclone 695 and 715