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27 November 2019
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Hammelburg - Germany

The legendary Fater's Day heli meeting will be at a new location.



Due to the current pandemic measures, this event is also cancelled.


„Das Helitreffen Comeback 2020“

Those legendary Heidelberg Faters' Day meetings, who doesn't miss it? - After a long deliberation, many discussions and meetings at the various model airfields in the nearby, it seemed hopeless to continue the traditional helicopter meeting at another location. Even in our own club, there were no solution to settle "the disputes", which also meant, we are no longer active members there.

In other ways, however, there was the opportunity to continue the heli meeting in Hammelburg! Hammelburg is located near to Würtzburg / Schweinfurt, which is about 180km (~110 miles) away from Heidelberg. This is not a simple model flying club, instead, this is a flight sports group with manned flight, it has got a model division, and almost everything mixed together. There are three flight lines. Two flight lines belong to the model club, One flight line is a slope for gliders and the fourth one, which is also known by the VooDoo meetings held there for several years, is for all model types. In addition there's one more, which is for manned flights, and this exactly that location will be hosting the Fater's Day Flights. An absolutely ingenious infrastructure is a available there, there is a camp site with electricity and water provided, a hangar to store models and much more! Further information to follow!

However there's still a small issue. Because the FSG Hammelburg itself will hold an event, we cannot take the heli meeting in place as usually on Fater's Day. But we found a solution quickly here, and we could make it on the weekend after the Fater's Day, as on 23rd-24th of May 2020.

Here we come with some information about the new event:

Since the heli meeting can not be held on the traditional Father's Day, the new Father's Day fly is now called: HELIWORLD Hammelburg. The spirit and the concept remain completely the same, as they were in Heidelberg! It is not a commercial event in any way, but we would like the companies and dealers back on site, as in Heidelberg. No standing fee here, just a small "voluntary" donation for the funding of emergency team presence.

The organisers, the FSG Hammelburg will be supported by the Heiko Helifischers and Bernd as well as by Peter Holtackers, head of model flying at FSG Hammelburg, many also known at the scale heli scene, as team pilots at Vario, during the helicopter meeting. We, the Helifischers, are very pleased that there is now a possibility and a club to continue our traditional event.

More information will follow shortly!

Your Orgateam, Heiko and Bernd as well as Peter and Michelle Holtackers

Event Location

Bing Map: { coordinates = 50.098552, 9.884761, pinTitle = Hammelburg Aerodrome, pinSubTitle = , infoBoxTitle = HELIWORLD Hammelburg 2020, infoBoxDescription = HochStraße, 97762 Hammelburg, zoomLevel = }