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21 April 2022
  • August
    13 14
    09:00 17:00 Saturday Sunday

Heliwood 2022
Halasztelek, Hungary

Heliwood - the heli festival this year again. Life is back to normal. This year we are preparing well to Heliwood with full steam. Details updated regularly.

RC helicopters, RC models and much more

  • RC helicopters and demo flights
  • RC tanks and demos
  • RC cars
  • Drones, rescue drones
  • Lego builder competitions
  • Old timer cars
  • Weapons exhibition
  • Happycopter helicopter simulator
  • Rock concert on Saturday evening
  • EXTRA airplane flyover
  • Sightseeing flights from Tököl Airport
ENTRY and the majority of the programmes FREE.
Some elements of HELIWOOD 2022 programmes are organised by co-organisers - in cooperation with City Council of Halásztelek and Márai Sándor Institution of Public Culture.



  • 09:00 Opening gates
  • 10:00 Opening ceremony - Tibor Szabó, mayor of Halásztelek
  • 13:00 Oldtimer car meetup
  • 13:00-19.00 Lego competition
  • 16:30 Burger eating competition
  • 18:30 Chili eating competition
  • 15:30 Lazy Twins concert
  • 17:15 Pedrofon concert
  • 19:30 AB CD concert

All day long:

  • RC helicopter demo flights
  • RC tank demos
  • RC car demos
  • Weapon exhibition - collection of retired colonel Ferenc Hibácskó
  • Display of Rescue drone
  • Drone displays
  • Happycopter simulator
  • Sightseeing flight in cooperation with Pannon Air Service
  • Traffic park for kids


  • 09:00 Gates open
  • 17:00 The end of Heliwood 2022

All day long:

  • RC helicopter demo flights
  • RC car demos
  • Display of Rescue drone
  • Drone displays
  • Opportunity to test flight of RC helicopters with trainer pilot
  • RC car test drive
  • Consultations with expert 

Programmes may vary due to weather conditions and demands! Rights of changing programmes reserved!


Helicopters - of course

Members of EMH SE and other clubs will entertain the spectators with RC helicopter demos on both days, and it will be possible to ask, to see, to know more about the RC flying world. Apart from RC helicopters even drones and airplanes may fly there. Information for pilots willing to fly there is at the bottom of this page.

Extra 330L

Gábor Szász from Pannon Air Service will fly for us with his Extra 330L at Heliwood. At what time exactly? It's not finalised yet, but he reminded us, so he will come (and fly). And we prepare.

(It will not be an aerobatics show, instead: a demo flight. The area of Heliwood is not suitable for aerobatics with full scale aircrafts due to legal and safety reasons)

Association of Hungarian National Rescue Drone Pilots

This is the first time when the rescue drone pilots participate the event. They will present what technology they use and how it is used in real actions. 

The association will present drone of various categories and multiple purposes at Heliwood, among others there will be very interesting ones too. 

Sightseeing flights

UNISSABLE, UNIQUE PROGRAMME! Get experienced of the feeling of real flying!

This is not a big airliner, this is a real flying experience. The airplane of Pannon Air Service will fly over South Budapest after the take-off, then it will return to Tököl Airport after flying around Heliwood.

To keep the costs therefore the price low, the airplane will take of with full capacity, it will carry 3 passengers in each round. Sign-up is required to know demands - payable at the event.

  • Piper Cherokee PA-28 (approx. 20 perc) €35 pp
  • Diamond DA-40 (approx. 20 perc): €50 pp

Sign-up and info: +36 30 919 0924 - Click here to sign up!

AccuRC demos and prizes

Meet the first step of RC helicopter flying: the simulator. We introduce AccuRC Precision Simulator at Heliwood. 

AccuRC Precision Simulator just joined Heliwood participants. So, you can see the simulator, its features, how it works and at Heliwood. You can get informed how to learn the basics of RC helicopter flying on a safe way.

And even more: few lucky ones can get home from Heliwood with their own, dedicated AccuRC instances. More details about these games to come very soon, before Heliwood. Follow our pages at rchelicopterhub.com, our facebook page and the event facebook page to get informed about these details.

Happycopter Simulator

Do you know how it feels to fly a helicopter? Try it by the simulator of Happycopter. You can fly at a very spectacular landscape with real control devices in this simulator - and if you crashed, you crashed, not a disaster. More info at the scene.

RC-Klub - for RC car fans

This year again: RC cars - RC-Klub will attend Heliwood 2022.

You can see the actual trends and equipment of RC cars, to enjoy the beauty of RC car modelling. If you have a 1:24 car, you can test it on the crawler track, and 1:10 track is planned too. And if you haven't got one, you can get informed how to crack on this kind of RC modelling.

Team RC Tank Fórum

As previously, the Team RC Tank Forum will be presented at Heliwood again. Realistic, moving models will present the battles of  the past. These models come from different times and different countries to demonstrate the history of modern warfare. And to make it more realistic, visual effects, true to age background music and other effects improve the show.

Real spectacular programme for the whole family.

Weapons exhibition - collection of Ferenc Hibácskó

Retired Colonel Ferenc Hibácskó will present one of the most famous privately owned weapon collection of Hungary.

Along RC helis, drones, tanks and cars, little ones and grown ups, and especially active or former soldiers can see closely, and can get to know the most fameous firearm and equipment of the world wars and the recent past.

Ramo's uncommon RC helicopters

Ramo (Zsolt Ramocsa) is coming to Heliwood to present his unique helicopters. These helicopters are designed and build by himself: the Ramo Coax, the Ramo Intermeshing and the Ramo Vertol Tandem based on Hirobo. And yes, it's planned, they will be flying at Heliwood. These non conventional RC helicopters are so rare, there are no more in Hungary and there are only a very few in the surrounding countries.

Further programmes

Civil guard association of Halásztelek

The Civil guards association of Halásztelek provides the background work, they guarantee the safety and security of the event.

Information for RC pilots (including drone pilots)

Separated and safe fly zone provided (as usual), but everybody is asked to RESPECT SAFETY RULES.

No landing fee!

Pre-registration required! - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP - Miklós Horváth manages these registrations. Pilots registering through the link accept and consider flying and safety rules obligatory.

Elzárt, biztonságos repülési terület van (ahogy az lenni szokott), de mindenkit kérünk a biztonsági szabályok FOKOZOTT betartására.

Applied rules of flying at EMH SE events in PDF format (Hungarian)

Good to know for the media and visitors

All programmes at Heliwood count as public event, therefore photos may be taken and videos may be recorded, which can be published then.

Everyone is allowed to take photos, record videos, no addition permission is required to publish them, all public visitors and media members are welcome to record and report about this event.

Please DO NOT RECORD VIDEOS or TAKE PHOTOS where this is obviously displayed and asked by participants or organisers.

Drone photo and drone video can be recorded by the permission of chief flight controller - in line with related regulations! Registration of the drone operator at the event is required!


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Programmes can change due to weather or any other circumstances. All rights reserved!

More details at the event Facebook page