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14 February 2020
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PARTIALLY CANCELLED: F3C/F3N Euro Heli Series - Germany
Kelinenbroich, Germany

After taking a break last year we are pleased to announce that the EHS is returning to MFSV-Kleinenbroich. It will be held over the same weekend as the F3C Competition but on separate flightlines. A minimum number of pilots are required for the F3N flightline to go ahead so please get you entries in as soon as possible.

PARTIALLY CANCELLED: F3C/F3N Euro Heli Series - Germany


Unfortunately, this competition has had to be cancelled.  The F3C competition planned for the same weekend will go ahead as planned.


F3C Registered pilots

  • Robert Holzmann (AUT)
  • Steve Roberts (GBR)
  • Uwe Naujoks (GER)
  • Denis Leboullenger (FRA)
  • Guy Vanderschelden (BEL)
  • Jos Kenens (BEL)
  • Stefan Wachsmuth (GER)
  • Ian Emery (GBR)
  • Rob Eikeboom (NED)
  • Mike Gilfillan (GBR)
  • Ronald Van Lent (NED)
  • Stephan Wiese (DEN)
  • Sascha Kunz (GER)
  • Stefan Gaiser (GER)
  • Michael Muller (GER)
  • Bruce Naylor (GBR)
  • Rudiger Feil (GER)
  • Roger Mayo (GBR)
  • Scott Mayo (GBR)
  • Mark Christy (GBR)

F3C Reserved pilots

  • Gerhard Zuidema (NED)
  • Jurgen Eichel (GER)

F3C Reserved pilots

  • Robert Holzmann (AUT)
  • Scott Mayo (GBR)
  • Niklas Mai (GER)

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Airfield and competition info, timetable, useful info

Event Location

Bing Map: { coordinates = 51.182621, 6.577245, pinTitle = Airfield Kleinenbroich, pinSubTitle = , infoBoxTitle = F3C Euro Heli Series - Austria, infoBoxDescription = Büttger Weg, 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany GPS: 51.182621, 6.577245, zoomLevel = }