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24 July 2019
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CANCELLED: Duel Format Competition
North Weald Airfield - UK

A new format of RC helicopter competition. 24 pilots from 19 countries are flying for the first place in a straight knockout tournament.

CANCELLED: Duel Format Competition

There will be 2 elimination rounds, the the remaining 16 pilots will fly against each other in a "brutal" knockout system until the last standing. The flights will be in flight to music format. 

Even Location

The event is held alongside the Wings & Wheels RC Model Spectacular at the North Weald Airfield, Epping in the United Kingdom just a week before Global 3D 2020.

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More details are coming soon on the website and on rchelicopter.hu websites. Stay tuned...

Duel Format

The format consists of 24 Pilots with 12 in Group A and 12 in Group B, The pilot will draw a ball with a number on (Before the start of the competition)

All pilots will fly a minimum of two flights in the first round for a place in the 16 Pilot Knockout.

Pilot 1 V Pilot 2, Pilot 3 V Pilot 4, Pilot 5 V Pilot 6, Pilot 7 V Pilot 8, Pilot 9 V Pilot 10, Pilot 11 V Pilot 12. Then Pilot 2 V pilot 3, Pilot 4 V Pilot 5, Pilot 6 V Pilot 7, Pilot 8 V Pilot 9, Pilot 10 V Pilot11, and Pilot 12 V Pilot 1 the top 8 pilots will become Group A.

For Example if: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 12 win in the first flight and 3, 4, 7, 9, 11 and 12 (Pilot 4, Pilot 7 And Pilot 12 would have 3 out of 8 spaces pilot 1, pilot 3, Pilot 6, Pilot 9, Pilot 10 and Pilot 11 will fly against a Pilot they haven’t already flown against and the winner out of these would be placed in the remaining 5 places.

The same will be for group B.

Pilots registered so far

There are two pilots registered already: Robin Lipke from Germany amd Aaron Phatflight Cole from the United Kingdom.