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08 May 2019
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3D Furtivos 2019
Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

Probably one of the biggest events in Spain. The 7th 3D Furtivos will be held near to Barcelona in Spain. A fantastic weekend with many flights and programs with Spanish temperament.

3D Furtivos 2019

The event is sponsored by GAUI, Optipower, Scorpion, ManiaX, NeXT, CentroRC Levante

The pilots so far

  • Raul Salgado, Marc Silvestre, Gustavo Martinez, Jesus Rio Rubal, Felipe Andres as host pilots from Furtivos Team RC
  • Albert Pla also host from Club Aeromodelisme
  • Vicente Linana 3DXtreme Team
  • Miguel Bonilla soXos team pilot
  • Marik Wiehenstroth from Mikado,
  • Marius Gehle pilot of XLPower, Egodrift, Kontronik, GDW
  • Enric Tatché CentroRC Levante, Optipower, Fuvitos Team
  • Kan Poonnoi, pilot of XLPower, Egodrift, RT Blades, GDW, HobbyWing, Makspro, Supra X and 3 Pro
  • Dylan De Marco, pilot of Heli-Professional, soXos pilot
  • Simon and Lucas Hatz from Mikado, HobbyWing, Gens Ace, Scorpion, KST, VTX
  • Mirko Cesena from Mikado, HobbyWing, Optipower, Scorpion, VTX, Savöx,  Gemfan, Furious FPV
  • Valerio Bottero pilot of XLPower, HobbyWing, Xnova, BK Servo, Gens Ace, SpinBlades, Dryfluid, NeXT
  • Antonio Gomez Rosado by ManiaX, XLPower, Mikado USA, HobbyWing, Savöx, Xnova 
  • Fabian Kloß, pilot of SAB Heli Division
  • Ludovic Abrignani pilot of SAB Heli Division and ManiaX
  • Javier Alvarez, Valencia Team
  • Mike Matonti with SAB helicopters
  • Gabriel Rovere with Protos helicopters
  • Filip Ban ManiaX, SAB, Kontronik, Xpert, Labema, RotorTech, MRCI
  • Stéphane Schneider by SAB Goblin
  • Lilian Many from Heli-Professional, soXos pilot
  • Marvin Robert by Zeal Blades
  • And Jose Marco with fixed wings from GP Engines, Xpert, Spectrum, Pilot RC

Event Location

Bing Map: { coordinates = 41.501283, 2.062182, pinTitle = 3D Furtivos 2019, pinSubTitle = Furtivos Team RC, infoBoxTitle = ARC Sant Cugat club d'Aeromodelisme, infoBoxDescription = Camí de Ramade, s/n, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, zoomLevel = }

More info at the Facebook event page