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26 July 2018
  • July
    27 29
    09:00 18:00 Friday Sunday

Southern Helifest
South Coast Helicopter Club

RC Helicopter festival in Dorset this weekend. Admission is free, camping and flying cost peanuts.

Southern Helifest

The guys are already prepared for the weekend. Tents are set, good weather ordered, beer and food provided. So bring your helis, family, and sun cream (not in this order necessarily) and go to Pilford Farm in Wimborne, Dorset. 

Details on the South Coast Helicopter Club website: 



Bing Map: { coordinates = 50.820396, -1.951452, pinTitle = Pilford Farm, pinSubTitle = , infoBoxTitle = Southern Helifest, infoBoxDescription = Pilford Farm, BH21 7BD Wimborne, zoomLevel = }