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08 June 2018

Sharing your content
Everything about RC helicopters

If you have got anything to share with the people, do not hesitate to contact us, then we can publish it. Just find us on Facebook, or call us on +44 778 827 2852.


It is really time consuming and hard work to go through all events across the world then choose which could be interesting. In most cases the information given directly is not enough, requires further investigations:

  • how much is the ticket,
  • how to get there,
  • when is it going to be,
  • who will be the known pilots,
  • what will be the program

and so on… Grab your data, send us everything, then we will publish it.

Companies (Manufactures, retailers)

When you are about to release a new product, just send us all public information, then we can announce it on both websites. We don’t expect to be translated into Hungarian, we can do it.


When you want to tell anything to more people than your followers, just contact us. And let’s see how it goes.

Sensitive question: how much?

Good news: it costs nothing actually apart from the information given. The only difference between the traditional way and this one: you save time for us, and you can make sure we will be informed about your event, product, saying. The only request to you: please do it in English or Hungarian. The rest is our job.


Is it beneficial?

The number of our followers is increasing. In addition – to be honest we don’t know how – search engines picked up our websites and ranked them really high.  There are some search expressions already which put our websites in the top 10 or in the top 3 at yahoo, google, bing at the moment, when I write thi. For example: Helifest UK, Goblin Kraken, Fusion 480 and some others. I think it makes sense.

Sharing your content